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So to his general trade of household drudge and go-between he added that of gratuitous consultation on the secret maladies of power.
The drudge knew better from long experience, than to hesitate about obeying, so he bundled the victim out by a side-door, and Mr Squeers perched himself again on his own stool, supported by Mrs Squeers, who occupied another at his side.
If he had struck the drudge, he would have slunk away without a word.
Her sister, Mary, was several years older, several inches taller, and of a larger, coarser build - a plain, quiet, sensible girl, who had patiently nursed their mother, through her last long, tedious illness, and been the housekeeper, and family drudge, from thence to the present time.
And Tildy was content to be the unwooed drudge if Aileen could receive the flattery and the homage.
Andrew Breitbart got his start working for Drudge's founder, Matt Drudge, in the 1990s, and rose to prominence as Drudges right-hand man, as well as one of the creators of the Huffington Post.
An even worse crime was perpetrated by those who begrudgingly took people in as evacuees, sold their ration books and treated them as drudges and punchbags.
Europeans often described Indian men as lazy and indolent, engaging in the hunt sporadically, but relying on female drudges to perform important agricultural work.
He quickly turns the children into Dickensian drudges, while all the time scheming to get his hands on their inheritance money.
You make your first fortune by 26, burn out by 29, then take your pile and reinvent yourself by 30 with the sort of creativity and daring that we liberal arts drudges spend our lives dreaming about.
She is the author of three books: "America's Women, 400 Years of Dolls, Drudges, Helpmates and Heroines" (Morrow, 2003), "Scorpion Tongues" (Morrow, 1998) and "The Millennium Book" (Doubleday, 1991) which she co-authored with her husband, Dan Collins.
Fox's offerings are clearly bottom-drawer: The reality drudges ``30 Seconds to Fame'' and ``Meet the Marks,'' which premiered to subpar ratings over the summer, and ``Septuplets,'' about a lot of horny teens seducing guests at their parents' beachside resort (there are already a lot of people convinced this will never actually get on the air).