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3) The drug that contained different concentrations of P-gp inhibitor verapamil hydrochloride was used for the perfusion experiment on ileum to study the influence of verapamil hydrochloride upon drug absorption.
Studies examining piperine's influence on drug absorption have demonstrated significant increases in carbamazepine, rifampin, phenytoin, nevirapine, and many other drugs.
In vivo, drug product dissolution does not need to be completed before drug absorption can start; however, product dissolution and drug permeability are measured independently, largely under nonphysiological conditions.
Drug absorption in gastrointestinal disease with particular reference to malabsorption syndromes.
By contrast, pseudoresistance, due to delayed and reduced drug absorption, was common after ingestion of enteric-coated aspirin," they said.
The small intestine is the principal site of drug absorption when the drug is administrated via the oral route.
Headquartered in the United Kingdom, its user-friendly simulator and databases predict drug absorption, clearance, distribution and metabolic drug-drug interactions from in vitro data.
For years, ultrasound has been used to accelerate the transfer of drugs through skin and can increase drug absorption by a factor of 10.
Fourteen chapters have been organized into four sections that introduce engineering and mathematical models for characterizing biological systems; provide an overview of model construction and analysis, focusing on model building, parameter estimation, model validation, and sensitivity analysis; present general statistical modeling approaches and methods for representing and analyzing nonlinear dynamical biochemical networks, particularly in reference to feedback and feedforward loops; and describe how drug pharmacokinetics is affected by variations in drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion.
Zohydro uses Alkermes' patented Spheriodal Oral Drug Absorption System (SODAS(R)) drug delivery technology, which serves to enhance the release profile of hydrocodone to provide consistent 12-hour pain relief relative to existing immediate release combination products.
Some studies conclude that the role of low antituberculosis drugs concentration remains uncertain [18,20] still, others suggest that reduced antimycobacterial drug absorption and bioavailability can delay or reduce the cure rate for tuberculosis and enhance the emergence of drug resistance [8-11].
The second edition of this textbook on drug absorption, solubility and metabolism has been revised to include a new section on in silico approaches to predict drug properties and new delivery strategies during the developmental stage.