drug charges and new charges added afterwards

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Country: United States of America
State: New Hampshire

Dec.2005 I got pulled over driving in Raymond New Hampshire around 12am. I had no license. I was arrested. When my car was searched, drug paraphernalia was found which isn't mine. when I went to the police station I was booked and all that and they never put on my piece of paper that I was charged with paraphernalia, but give talked to a detectives because they want me to help them. my question is if they didn't put any other charge on the paper other than driving under suspension can I be charged with it at a later time? or at all now? I would like to know cause they are saying they can charge me, and they wont if I help them catch dealers. is this legal?


They can add charges yes--but you need not help if you are not comfortable with that--
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