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n. in a will, the assets of the estate of a person who has died with a will (died testate) which are left after all specific gifts have been made. Typical language: "I leave the rest, residue and remainder [or just residue] of my estate to my grandchildren." If the residue is not given to any beneficiary it will be distributed pursuant to the laws of descent and distribution. (See: will, residuary bequest, descent and distribution)

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in the law of succession, the part of an estate left over after legacies and bequests have been met.
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RESIDUE. That which remains of something after taking away a part of it; as, the residue of an estate, which is what has not been particularly devised by will.
     2. A will bequeathing the general residue of personal property, passes to the residuary legatee everything not otherwise effectually disposed of and it makes no difference whether a legacy falls into the estate by lapse, or as void at law, the next of kin is equally excluded. 15 Ves. 416; 2 Mer. 392. Vide 7 Ves. 391; 4 Bro. C. C. 55; 1 Bro. C. C. 589; Rop. on Leg. Index, h.t.; Worth. on Wills, 454.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Public health impact on drug residues in animal tissues.
Acceptance criteria for drug residues on manufacturing equipment following cleaning are based typically on a fraction of the lowest dose (e.g.
He believes that bills can be contaminated with more than just drug residue as they circulate; they could carry illness-causing bacteria too.
Drug residue on the exterior, or vapors seeping from the interior, can be detected to signal inspectors that an enclosure needs further scrutiny.
This is a form of pyrophosphorolysis in which the drug residue can be cleaved more efficiently by mutant reverse transcriptase, allowing the extension of reverse transcriprase to continue.
To use the kit, the tester wipes any surface he or she suspects may hold drug residue with the collection paper and sprays the paper with the aerosol.
A specific color change on the pad indicates the presence of the drug residue.
Eventually these symptoms do disappear, however, after the body has cleansed itself of the last of the drug residue.
Lutfi alleges that the drug dogs were brought in as a condition of their management agreement and that the canines found "hot spots of drug residue" in the carpeting where her toddler sons played during visits.
Drug residue concentrations vary considerably from tissue to tissue and are generally observed higher in tissues of storage such as liver and kidneys (Booth, 1973).
Clinton officers thought they saw drug residue in the car, but could not find any drugs.
Wipe the tip along a surface, or a sample of sweat or saliva, and in two to five minutes a simple indicator window reveals whether drug residue is present.

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