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The occasion setting interpretation is further supported by recent findings by Ramos, Bueno, and Siegel (1996) which suggest that occasion setting may mediate associatively controlled forms of drug tolerance. In an experiment investigating the development of tolerance to ethanol-induced hypothermia, Ramos et al.
Key words: Pavlovian conditioning, occasion setting, extinction, drug tolerance, ethanol.
Drug tolerance in biomembranes: A spin label study of the effects of ethanol.
"Drug tolerance has been largely attributed to TB bacteria that are dormant in the body and not reproducing.
Detailed drug tolerance at different drug dosages breakup mentioned in table 2.
"The problem is when abused this results in a certain tolerance, identical to drug tolerance, meaning the need for more of the substance, in this case certain foods, are needed to gain the same reward or effect." "Milestones' clients learn how to shop, prepare and eat meals within a "clean" food plan, removing the addictive foods that trigger disordered eating behaviors."
The data shows 31pc of patients were referred to psychiatric support clinics, 48pc suffered from drug tolerance and dependency disorder, 26pc suffered from adjustment disorder and 11pc suffered from depression and anxiety.
In response to the fast merging of biotherapeutic drug field, Creative Diagnostics' ready-to-use Immunogenicity ELISA Kit overcomes these limitations, providing the needed sensitivity, increased drug tolerance and flexibility to detect both high- and low-affinity ADA."
Caption: Figure 3: Effects of HMS5552 on oral drug tolerance 1 (a) and 27 days (b) after treatment with HMS5552.
The continued use of high drug doses several times a day leads to the development of drug tolerance leading to drug overdose (Kosten and George, 2002).
Dr.Khurshid Khan spoke about pitfalls in diagnosis and referred to inadequate response to a drug or drug tolerance. Prof.
Even though there have been reports alluding soaring number of deaths from accidental overdose, increasing dose of opioids to alleviate pain or to surmount drug tolerance does not substantiate addiction.