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For half an hour the weird dance went on, until, at a sign from Kerchak, the noise of the drums ceased, the female drummers scampering hurriedly through the line of dancers toward the outer rim of squatting spectators.
I come to dance the Dum-Dum with my brothers," and he made a motion to the drummers, who immediately took up the cadence of the dance where they had dropped it to watch their king slay the foolish Tarmangani.
ATLANTA, July 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- All eyes were on Nashville, TN as Church's Chicken and World's Fastest Drummer (WFD) recently hosted the2015 World's Fastest Drummer (WFD) -- World Finals .
Many of the older gay men might remember Drummer magazine that was in circulation between 1975-99.
The AC/DC co-founder revealed that they have been having issues with their drummer even before he was arrested in New Zealand.
According to Rick Van Horn of Modern Drummer Magazine - "Carmine Appice set the foundation for heavy drummingObefore Bonham, before Ian PaiceO before anyone else.
one of the world's largest quick service chicken restaurant chains, has once again teamed up with World's Fastest Drummer (WFD) to become an exclusive sponsor of the 2015 World's Fastest Drummer (WFD) -- World Finals .
A MULTI-FAITH ceremony in remembrance of Drummer Lee Rigby (inset) was held near his barracks in Woolwich.
DRUMMER Lee Rigby was a "true warrior" who had served with distinction in Afghanistan, colleagues said.
The military Drummer and machine gunner, 25, doted on his son, Jack, and was a proud dad and soldier.
Drummer Steve White will be visiting Newcastle College's Performance Academy today to hold a one-off drumming session.
Drummer Family and friends will meet after at The Sacred Hearts Centre in Moreton.