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They swarmed on board, each drumming for his own boarding-house, and each with a bottle of free whisky inside his shirt.
For a day at a time he would lie in the underbrush where he could watch the partridges drumming and strutting up and down.
We're going to hunt Boney out, sir," Dobbin said, rather alarmed at the fury of the old man, the veins of whose forehead began to swell, and who sate drumming his papers with his clenched fist.
The bedroom door closed, then the outer one, and the doctor's heels went drumming down the common stair.
The stricken woman, on her back, drumming her heels on the floor, was shrieking persistently and monotonously, like a mechanical siren.
He disappeared, and she sat forward in the cab drumming idly with her forefingers upon the apron.
I heard him say to himself, stopping at the window in his walk, and drumming on the glass with his fingers.
Looking through that story lately I had the material impression of sitting under a large and expensive umbrella in the loud drumming of a heavy rain-shower.
He spent some time drumming on the window with his finger-tips quietly.
Mr Street has been drumming since his early teens and turned his hand to drum making as a hobby while working a day job in IT.
Most of the others present have little or no experience in drumming, but that hardly matters.
Rista's drumming can be heard on hundreds of recordings worldwide, spanning a wide range of music genres and styles.