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For the most part, drumming has been the domain of men.
Through the use of drumming, Cairo Drums duplicates the same principles that are used to create unity among tribes in a corporate environment," he elaborates.
Drumming dates back to 600 BC and is the easiest form of creating rhythm.
Olatunji was able to blend the different styles of African, Afro-Cuban and Caribbean drumming into something new that represented the spread of African culture throughout the Diaspora.
Drumming is being effectively used in the treatment of many conditions, such as diabetes, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular and chronic lung disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, manic depression and autism.
Here, though, instead of the ballad, she combines her own riff chorus with son Denardo Coleman's polyrhythmic drumming in an intertextual dialogue with Ellington.
Researchers found no consistent difference between the drumming of certain species such as ladder-backed and hairy woodpeckers.
The kick pedal uses a stainless steel surface and an adjustable spring - providing a highly durable, responsive drumming experience.
It indeed is African drumming but the players mostly are the amateur drum-lovers from the local expatriate communities led by South African master drummer Patrick Dilley.
In the impressive surroundings of Seaton Delaval Hall in Northumberland, Newcastle-based drumming group Drummed Up led a class to give people the chance to get musical to West African beats.
The drumming clinic has been organised as part of the "With Attitude 2 Drum Clinic Tour" by the Newcastle Drum Centre and The Drum Shop, in Gateshead.
Remo's Modular Drum, with the Ergo-Drum System, is the latest innovation in the percussion world for aficionados of all levels of hand drumming.