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The Philippines is seen to produce slightly less rice this year compared to 2014 due to dry field conditions, but there may be an improvement next year.
But still, I never found myself fishing in Christian's dry field after that lesson.
Is your pout beginning to resemble a dry field during drought?
A silicone impression material was used for impression making with dry mucosa, because it is hydrophobic and requires an extremely dry field [6].
Six22 has revolutionized the healthcare marketing world since its inception just over three years ago, bringing a fresh style and trendy content to what has been a bland and dry field.
It has information on charting and diagnosis of pulpal conditions; surgical procedures for maxillofacial treatment of temporomandibular joint disorder, bone reconstruction, implant placement, and other disorders; tooth eruption and exfoliation; digital radiography; smile makeover with tooth reconstruction, gingival reductions and augmentation, implant placement, and other cosmetic procedures; and new isolation of restorative sites methods with new matrix placement and dry field illuminators.
Gearing her information toward a target market of fresh graduates and young professionals, the writing is furnished by colorful illustrations and delves into the personal and human aspects of an otherwise dry field.
On our walk through the field we have been following a black hose and now arrive at a sprinkler standing in the middle of the dry field.
At Goose Pond, the least shrew was found in greater numbers than the short-tailed shrew; this is probably due to the previous agricultural and dry field history of the area.
No-till sowing performance under dry field farming conditions, In the 7th International conference on development of dry fields - ICDD, 14-17 September, Tehran, Iran.
Mr Jones said some of the things that would qualify for points - such as creating a pond in a dry field - were simply daft.