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DRY. Used figuratively, it signifies that which produces nothing; as, dry exchange; dry rent; rent seek.

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Cat food sales fell slightly in 1997, reflecting a move towards cheaper dry food in that year.
Dry food is more popular in case of dog food segment due to general liking of dogs towards dry food, while cats prefer wet food.
FAISALABAD -- The University of Faisalabad (TUF) here on Wednesday dispatched a relief truck loaded with dry food items for drought affected people of Thar.
Maureen missed the concept somewhere that dry food canning is a means to keep dry foods safe from bugs, rodents, and other critters that can get into and destroy foods.
Campbell's and the dry food category is a marriage made in heaven and also a share-steal exercise," said Henrik Pade, Symington's marketing director.
A month's supply is 40 tins and eight boxes of dry food for cats and 50 tins and 16 boxes of dried food for dogs.
Each day, hippos Maggie and Otis devour 25 pounds of carrots, 30 heads of lettuce, more than three dozen apples and an entire bale of hay -- in addition to prepackaged dry food to supplement their diets.
The FMC JSP-1 Jet Stream[R] Dry Food Surface Pasteurization System is an advanced, industry-scale, continuous dry-food, surface pasteurization system.
To decode the behavior, the researchers first offered several varieties of dry food to swarms of crickets in the wild.
Dairy, and perishable and refrigerated volume is increasing, and dry food volume is decreasing.
Dry food containers are growing at a similar rate although this is the smallest sector of food containers.