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DRY. Used figuratively, it signifies that which produces nothing; as, dry exchange; dry rent; rent seek.

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Dry food for adult dogs with high physical loads feeding dogs is made by dry food for adult dogs with high physical loads, meeting the following requirements: - energy value of not less than 3600 kcal per 1 kg of feed.
Through our research we found that while obesity is a very important and prominent risk factor for diabetes mellitus in cats, there is also an increased risk of diabetes among normal-weight cats consuming a dry food diet," says Malin Ohlund, DVM, a Ph.
Vestia-Vac provides consumers with an affordable way to enhance dry food preservation while taking one more important stand for environmentalism.
Feed your cat specific meals, with smaller amounts of dry food at certain times of the day.
Students and staff of TUF have made a donation of one fully loaded truck of dry food items for the drought affected people of Thar.
Common sense is the way to go, the oven gets a lot hotter than the water bath method, but then again this method is used for dry foods only.
The hedgehog carer needs to keep the larder well stocked as the guests get through 14 tins of cat food a day and 100kg of dry food a month, and 10kg of meal worms.
Each day, hippos Maggie and Otis devour 25 pounds of carrots, 30 heads of lettuce, more than three dozen apples and an entire bale of hay -- in addition to prepackaged dry food to supplement their diets.
The FMC JSP-1 Jet Stream[R] Dry Food Surface Pasteurization System is an advanced, industry-scale, continuous dry-food, surface pasteurization system.
To decode the behavior, the researchers first offered several varieties of dry food to swarms of crickets in the wild.
Dairy, and perishable and refrigerated volume is increasing, and dry food volume is decreasing.
A recently completed industry survey into the regimes used in the cleaning of dry food processing environments will enable the foundations to be laid for defining and formulating best practice guidelines in this area.