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The new DHC-6T dry heat transdermal diffusion cell system has many advances and cost saving features.
Autoclave tape and dry heat sterilizer strips work by changing colors when exposed to a certain temperature (and pressure for the autoclave tape) for a certain amount of time.
None of us were happy in the dry heat of the sauna.
Helping to make the pressing dry heat, A little easier to bear.
atrophaeus for ethylene oxide and dry heat sterilizations.
ElvaJet(r) Alpha inks can be applied directly onto virtually any polyester textile, being fixed only with dry heat.
The alternate method entails the application of dry heat to eliminate pests, no matter how heavy their infestation, claimed James Nicholson, General Manager of Rentokil, the UK-based pest control company promoting the innovative treatment.
I think obviously the heat we had over in Adelaide, it was very dry heat out on the field which was tough work and a lot of overs which is always a tough ask," he added.
In the first experiment, we compared four kinds of fluid warmer including a conventional dry heat warmer, Meditemp II, with rather low flow rates at six points up to 3,000 ml/h, and we showed the characteristics of this equipment in the first paper.
Thermionics recently launched new packaging for the ThermiPaq line, which has also been expanded to include products that address all three types of hot/cold therapy--moist heat therapy, dry heat therapy and cold compression therapy.
If you've never before considered that dry heat and wet heat, for example, work entirely differently; this book may just blow your mind.