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With no residual side-effects, rooms treated with the dry heat can also be readily used once the dead insects are cleared and the furniture put back in place.
In contrast to dry heat exchanged via temperature gradients, the potential for evaporation is dictated by the water vapour pressure gradient between water amassed on the skin and that of the immediate ambient environment (Nadel, 1979).
enteritidis phage type 30 using dry heat on pre-wet and acetic acid-treated almonds.
The film opens in the dry heat of Morocco, where tourists Richard (Brad Pitt) and his wife Susan (Cate Blanchett) are fired on by an unseen sniper only to find the locals are more interested in saving their own skin than helping Susan with her wounds.
Gardeners who find themselves in the warm-and-wet climate of the southeastern United States or the dry heat of the Southwest have at their disposal a wide array of beautiful plant species, writes horti-culturalist and gardening author RiX.
These inks can be used for steam, ethylene oxide (EO), dry heat, hydrogen peroxide and steam formaldehyde sterilization processes.
I'd never felt humidity like here, which is much different than the dry heat at Canyon.
It comprises a combi oven which can dry heat, steam and bottom heat from a Teflon belt.
The dry heat sitting over the Plains and Southeast is the key to the summer's potentially dramatic weather conditions," says Director of Forecast Operations Ken Reeves.
Anything scaling and burning with dry heat will respond well to the cool, moist qualities Of chickweed.
The pre-oriented conjugate fiber is wound to form a package and satisfies the following items: a stretching elongation Vc prior to being treated with boiling water is less than 20%; an elongation at break is in a range from 60 to 120%; a dry heat shrinkage stress value is in a range from 0.
Never use dry heat and always remember to wait until the handpiece has gone through the complete drying cycle.