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DRY. Used figuratively, it signifies that which produces nothing; as, dry exchange; dry rent; rent seek.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The machine is not only the most technologically advanced dry ice blaster on the market, it is also the easiest to use, according to the manufacturer.
Death by dry ice is fairly unusual, but a few other examples have been recorded in medical journals.
Dry ice blasting is similar in concept to sand or water blasting, but dry ice blasting uses non-abrasive media in the form of recycled CO2 pellets that will not damage surfaces.
The evaporating dry ice blocks deepen the scratches as they follow their predecessors, moving along the same pathways because of the way the properties of the sand on the slope pushes them along.
Cold Jet dry ice cleaning is used in a variety of industries and applications, making use of recycled carbon dioxide while eliminating the need for chemicals and water in the cleaning process.
The unique characteristics of dry ice make it the perfect media for a clean-in-place process.
It owns and operates dry ice production units as well as a dedicated fleet of special insulated boxes and transportation, to deliver to its customers in the Food, Catering and Life Science industries.
Additionally, Praxair is constructing a dry ice facility at Delaware City Refining Company's facility that will be capable of producing approximately 120 tons per day of product for the region in early 2017.
I have a relative who more than once has had to seek medical attention following a visit to a venue that has used dry ice. I'm surprised that no one has warned those responsible for entertainment that this substance can be harmful to some vulnerable people.
The panel of judges, which was chaired by Lord Smith of Kelvin, chose fifteen businesses as winners on the day, including Dry Ice Scotland and Deepwater Oil Tools.
IceTechPR120H is a fully automated dry ice pelletiser that caters to regional/low volume dry ice producers by supplying up to 120 kg (265 lbs) of dry ice pellets on demand.