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DRY. Used figuratively, it signifies that which produces nothing; as, dry exchange; dry rent; rent seek.

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After use, be careful to dry off the housing (and yourself, so you don't drip on it) before removing the player.
That makes my mind ramble on so Well, I'm in the park amidst city life Which is where I just love to go Soon I'll be home, dry off my dog Warm fire to dry me out too But I wouldn't miss my walk in the park No matter the weather maps view
Spin the lettuce in a salad spinner to dry off the washing water and store it in the fridge.
Pick pumpkins, leaving them in the sun for several days or putting them in a greenhouse if it's raining, and let them ripen and dry off before being put into storage.
Drain and put back in the pan over a very low heat, covered with a tea towel to dry off excess moisture.
Between "shift" they would dry off and rest in a bright pink Land Rover Discovery, before heading out again into the French countryside.
Clean from the top down' always wash in the shade to avoid drying marks and repeat cleaning' wring sponge or chamois out over the bucket' use a sponge to wash down with one hand, and a chamois in the other to dry off immediately, and wash your car after a rain shower - the car will already be wet, so you won't need to rinse it first.
10 BEGIN to dry off pot plants such as the hot water plant and begonias where the foliage is going yellow and falling off.
Dry off bulbous plants which have flowered by withholding water as leaves begin to wither.
They told him to dry off his hands and go out there for the jump ball.
5K swim and dry off during a 40K bike ride through Aruba's luxury hotel district.
If it is cool and damp consider covering them (rain will damage skin quality) or lift in shallow trays and dry off in the greenhouse