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SHEER LUXURY: dry off in style in Florida's beachfront bungalows
After use, be careful to dry off the housing (and yourself, so you don't drip on it) before removing the player.
When you return from the hike, have towels ready for campers to dry off. If it is a cool day, you might plan a warm shower or build a fire in a shelter or building where the group can dry off and warm up.
She said wash your body regularly and dry off thoroughly, before putting on clean, dry clothes.
We found a way to dry off our berries so they won't freeze in these big clumps anymore.
WET TAILS Always be sure to dry off your dog with a towel if he gets wet, as the muscles can go into spasm when they are trying to warm up, especially around the base of their tail.
The rain will ease off overnight and many areas will dry off heading into Saturday and it won't be just as warm but there will be more spells of sunshine.
SHORE THING Hundreds of students dry off after the dip as others have a ball in the water
When it's time to dry off, use the beach as your giant Sandbox, you can build huge Sand castles, play beach volleyball, or ride dune bikes.
After the month of April the state treasury will dry off because the World Banks won't grant new loans before the elections.
Then leave your dog to lounge around and dry off in no time inside his coat.
At this time of year, though, it is a good idea to get up at the crack of dawn and water things before the sun rises, with enough time for the wet leaves to dry off before the sun breaks through.