dry run

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The 800+ members of the DC Snow Team (DPW, DDOT, DGS, Serve DC, and other agencies) participated in the dry run training event to prepare for snow management, proper handling of materials, and equipment maintenance and operation.
For the dry run, the staff inserted lead and zirconium rods instead.
Law firms and estate agents across the Midlands are being urged to embrace a dry run for HIPs this autumn.
First, the initial infiltration rates were higher for the dry run which resulted in much larger times to initiation of runoff than for the wet and very wet runs.
We did a dry run where the physical lay-out of the station was reproduced.
This social science ain't rocket science; we had a dry run (literally) with Prohibition's gentle nurturing of La Cosa Nostra.
The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is considering the use of thermal cameras to catch motorists violating the high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane policy on Edsa, which is still on dry run mode.
Tenders are invited for Single Phase Starter With Dry Run Protection For 1Hp Submersible Pump With Suitable Ammeter, Voltmeter, Dry Run Protection, Circuit Breaker With Relevant Isi Specification.
Debate will be narrowed unless the Tories, blocked in coalition by Lib Dems from flogging Channel 4, are stopped again over what sniffs of a dry run to dispose of the BBC.
TWO airline passengers busted with mock bombs yesterday may have been on a dry run for a terrorist attack.
LEWIS HAMILTON topped the dry run lap times at a rainsoaked Jerez, as the four-day test drew to a close in Spain.