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Dry strengths of all the adhesives were very good, but only the soy protein isolate has good wet strength without PAE polymer (Table 1).
Table V-1-8 Key dry strength additive producers in China, 2009
Dry strength (A) increased with clay content for diverse in situ regolith materials and there was a wide range of dry strengths at any particular clay content (Kew and Gilkes 2006).
Green compressive strength averagely increased by about 30%, dry strength 20%, permeability 25%, hardness 15% and shatter index 30%
Table 44: Japanese Historic Review for Specialty Paper Additives by Product Segment - Binders, Defoamers, Sizes, Wet-Strength Additives, Dry Strength Additives, Pitch/Control Agents, Retention & Drainage Aids and Biocides Independently Analyzed by Annual Sales in US$ Million for the Years 1991 through 2000 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-10
5) and lithium perchlorate increased dry strength of the soy flour adhesive.
Very few or no melt bonds are provided between the melt-blown microfibers and the particulate super-absorbent material, is such that the storage layer has a wet-strength of at least 40% of the dry strength, as measured in the machine direction.
SAPC will be the exclusive supplier of PPD's internal sizing, wet and dry strength, tissue and towel, pulp mill and process chemical portfolios.
The new wipes feature textured cleaning surfaces, added bulkiness, wet and dry strength, enhanced absorption, and compatibility with cleaning solvents and oil.
The main objectives at Donsco during the initial stages of implementing the Hydrobond technology were to develop higher green strength and lower dry strength.
These researchers hypothesised that (i) clay fiocculation and the subsequent decrease in the number of contact points between particles reduce soil dry strength, and (ii) bonding of flocs at contact points is expected to increase soil strength.
Features and benefits of the new dispersible wipe include excellent dry strength, high absorbency, cloth-like feel, surface cleaning and prevention of cross contamination.