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DRY. Used figuratively, it signifies that which produces nothing; as, dry exchange; dry rent; rent seek.

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The next step is to design a flow optimized housing, which combines the effects of optimized particle flow with an electrically charged housing and pellets for measuring on-line dryly continuous coupler friction systems.
Or, as he once dryly remarked, "Asking me to choose between my identity as a gay man and my identity as a black one is like asking if I prefer my right ball to my left ball.
You don't know her,evidently,''Clark replies, dryly.
Discussions of the amendment are dryly juridical, all full faith and credit, state's rights, and federalist principles.
Hughes comments dryly, "Nazis aren't making much art right now.
The least appetizing brand was used in Eniac," McCartney notes dryly.
There he wrote dryly that "a range of expectation which takes us from a wanton figurative ingenuity to the apprehension of the timeless in time leaves scope for enquiry" (6).
The company dryly added that it has two rather posh offices in Monaco and Belgium in addition to 2,000 square feet of newly leased office space in Minneapolis currently being refurbished to accommodate the company's expansion.
A professional sceptic, he dryly remarks how landlords are keen to promote ghostly phenomena in their rooms "when the interstate moves away".
The books are tongue-in-cheek and dryly droll, but the game fails to convey that.
These works exude a deep ambivalence--no matter where they're from, these artists are coolly observant, dryly funny, and inconclusive.