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DRY. Used figuratively, it signifies that which produces nothing; as, dry exchange; dry rent; rent seek.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Traditionally, when added to a normal mixer as a dry powder, it is never fully hydrated or functional.
He says Eleni will come and analyse a client's skin before they are shaved to assess whether it is oily or dry, "so we can tailor the shave to suit their specific skin needs".
The city centre salon has launched Desk Dry, enabling women to have their hair blowdried at work by qualified stylists - from as early as 7am!
Indeed, historians return tinge and again to how the intransigence of "drys" inadvertently underntined their cause.
Alcohol-based products, by contrast, are effective at killing germs when applied but provide no lasting protection once the alcohol drys, he says.
But the New York experience, of course, was hardly the victory drys had anticipated.
While Craig Heron treats the drys, opponents of alcohol, with respect, this book is indeed a wet history of drinking in Canada.
If the lads want to play with their wet 'n' drys or the girls with their anglegrinders, it's not unusual.
Mr Fischler and Mr Drys (Greek Agriculture Minister, and sitting Council President) want to see whether the compromise meets certain expectations of the Member States." He explained that the bulk of the paper was already written, but the details still remained open for adjustment, adding that it could be back to the drawing board if meetings went badly.
However, Greek Farm Minister and President of the Council, George Drys, said that they were working for a solution at the next Fisheries Council on June 12.
How CASA and its journalistic designated driver, The New York Times, handled the screw up reveals a lot about America's ongoing war between wets and drys. Although Prohibition was repealed almost 70 years ago, the prohibitionist mind-set was not.