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League officials informed both coaches after the final league dual match that because Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley tied in dual matches, T.
Remembering that producers can use a mixture of curbside material within their process, the estimated cost impact of single stream over dual stream is between 6 percent to 18 percent of the purchased fiber cost, averaging 11 percent.
Because of incorrect and inconsistent use, the one-method approach to dual protection can yield a higher annual pregnancy rate (14%, adjusted for underreporting of abortion) than hormonal methods, sterilization and the IUD in typical use.
USC has had a difficult time lately in dual meets against UCLA.
Section 1503(d) includes a stand-alone exception when the loss of the dual resident company does not offset the income of any other foreign company.
Consultant Rubbright thinks dual ovenability will decline, but not vanish.
V dual meet final could produce the area match of the year.
In response to this "double dipping," section 1503(d) disallows the use of dual resident corporations' losses to offset any affiliated U.
On the most recent California English Language Development Test, nearly 70 percent of English-language learners in a dual program progressed at least one fluency level, compared with just 49 percent of English-immersion and 50 percent of bilingual students.