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This leads to delays, and the plan is to improve the route to a dual carriageway as well as improve connectivity and access for local communities and vulnerable road users such as cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians.
What I want them to do is reallocate that money and a further PS100m to put a dual carriageway between Hopgrove roundabout and the dual carriageway section at Barton Hill.
But he was unanimously convicted at Mold Crown Court yesterday, where Judge Rhys Rowlands told him he could not imagine anyone "in a million years" failing to realise they were entering a dual carriageway.
My advice to drivers travelling on dual carriageways in Birmingham is to check that the 40mph signs are still there or you could be in for a shock.
This is a key strategic route linking Edinburgh and the east of Scotland with England and it would make huge difference making it all dual carriageway.
Nobody will want to stay in a hotel with a view of a dual carriageway.
The new road will consist of a two-lane dual carriageway with service roads, cycle lane and
DIVERSION: Traffic builds as the road is closed DANGER: The man sits on a fence over the dual carriageway Pictures by KATIE LUNN
RSPCA inspector Selina Chan said: "These animals were callously dumped near a busy dual carriageway and could easily have been fatally wounded by passing traffic.
A HORRIFIC crash involving FIVE cars on a busy dual carriageway left a woman dead yesterday.
The construction of the dual carriageway R4 Kosice - Milho ?
A TEENAGER was killed when he ran into the path of oncoming traffic on a dual carriageway after crashing his car.