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These investments complement the previous AfDBs loans dedicated to Accras development: the expansion of the main international airport (2015) as well as the 15-km dualised carriageway from Awoshie linking with this interchange project (2009).
He said Quetta-Khuzdar highway will be dualised, and work on Baseema-Khuzdar, Shahdadkot highway and Bela-Awaran highways will start soon.
Turned outwards, Calvinism, with its '"built-in" ontological negation and radically dualised apprehension of human reality', divided Scotland along racial lines and exiled the Gael, the other-in-the-self that the lowland Protestant Scot is unwilling or unable to recognise.
In a sophisticated argument utilising concepts of Lacanian psychoanalysis, she analysed the unsettling concept of the dualised body on the basis Bond's 2006 play The Under Room (2006), where an illegal immigrant is represented by a dummy and dummy-actor, which radicalises the relationship between time and space and the experience of the body as icon and index.
Ilyas Khan an area resident said, one wonders that recently Lehtrar road was dualised but the approach roads are in dilapidated condition.
While Itobe is located on the western bank of River-Niger at the eastern edge of the bridge over River Niger along the dualised express road that runs from Okene through Ajaokuta, Anyigba and Ankpa to join the express road that runs from Makurdi through Otukpo, Otukpa and Nsukka to Enugu (fig 1).
First there are socio-economic impacts arising from changing terms of trade, weakened non-resource sectors, income volatility, dominance of foreign-owned resource companies, lack of local linkages and enclave-formation in what become sharply dualised societies, divided between locally-affected populations and resource elites.