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Substance-life, spirit-body dualities form the basis of the duality with which he deals.
Braithwaite provides us a way to understand the central dualities of the profession, not only as a theoretical matter, but also in light of those practices like conferencing where responsive regulation and restorative justice, formal and informal problem-, conflict-, and injustice-resolving mechanisms, support and constrain each other.
The ballet is about universal energies, essential dualities, and interactions.
The design, which dates back to 1994, seems to evolve around sets of dualities.
First, Schneirov rejects the exaggerated dualities that have too often warped labor histories of this period: trade unions versus the Knights of Labor; independent labor politics versus the two-party system; radicalism versus reform.
black"); second, that the passing figure, once imagined, is capable of exploding these dualities even in spite of the efforts of the author who creates him/her to reinscribe them; and, finally, that the subversive nature of the act of passing itself means that our reading of passing characters is always double - we must read them as fundamentally transgressive of and fundamentally capitulative to both moralistic and racial dualisms.
Erickson sets his argument against the rigid dualities of new historicism, aligning himself with the more flexible revisionist historicists who can see discourse not so exclusively centered on power: "By exposing the poem's multiplicity, the book challenges historicist critics to consider a pluralist perspective and to revaluate their most persistent assumptions: that cultural power conditions and controls representation and interpretation .
When verbally discussing the dualities in life, my students had little trouble.
Our temptation is to express these different dualities in some kind of dualistic framework.