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The project, taking place at the interface of mathematics and computer science, has the potential to make a significant impact in three different ways: by advancing the research on Stone duality and formal language theory, by facilitating a new collaboration between the European host institute and a world-leading mathematics department in the USA, and by establishing the applicant~s position as a leading young researcher in his field.
After the recent clash between Israel and Lebanese army in Oudysseh-South Lebanon, some American senators asked the government to reconsider sending Lebanese army shipemtns of ammunition due to the confusing duality between Hizbullah and army.
Specialists say that the duality of licenses was a major reason for schools sponsored by charities and those with uncensored curricula.
Meanwhile, a number of Hizbullah officials reiterated during ceremonies on Sunday marking the beginning of Ashura their views on the legitimacy of Hizbullah's arms and their duality with the weapons of the Lebanese army.
He describes local and global duality in the special case of irreducible algebraic varieties of an algebraically closed base field k in terms of differential forms and their residues.
Keywords: Nondifferentiable multiobjective programming, type I semi-d-univexity, optimality conditions, duality.
With an irregular free-form interior set within a regular cubic volume, the object has a profound duality.
Now it's been eaten of, and we live in this life, this world of duality.
The somber but bright illustrations somehow capture the atmosphere of mystical joy, sadness, and overall acceptance of the duality of life that is so prevalent in the poems.
Our study addresses this shortcoming by developing a contingency theory of how CEO successor choice, duality, and Top Management Team (TMT) tenure interact to affect post-bankruptcy strategic change.
Wardi includes a passage from Frank Shelton, which spells out eloquently the duality of the black version of the pastoral that she explores, yet she does not directly acknowledge how much her thesis owes to his insight.