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Despite a dualizing cosmology and anthropology, Origen's positions would shape the understanding of the Son's single identity for centuries to come.
d [member of] Q is called a dualizing element, if a = (a [[right arrow].
Weinberger, On dualizing a multivariable Poisson summation formula, J.
Anzaldua's narration of the Aztec Fall into patriarchy challenges the feminist dualizing of matriarchy/patriarchy along the lines of oppressed native/colonizer.
The authors' motivation is to help readers gain a better understanding of the relation between local properties of residues and the global properties of the dualizing pseudofunctor.
Mary Gordon gets it exactly right when, in a 1986 review of Bachmann's stories, she observes that "the relations of men and women call up at once Bachmann's profoundest dualizing pessimism and her most visionary hopes.
1451-52]); (12) but that embodied life becomes beautiful in its momentary fusions of bodily sense, and feeling, and mind--more beautiful far, according to Barrett's Eve, than the dualizing patristic myths that beggared the body to imperialize and legislate the soul.
Approaching the greatest fixpoint in a must-problem can always be performed by dualizing the problem, approaching the smallest fixpoint in the corresponding may-problem, and dualizing the solution.
Dualizing [Delta], existential sets become universal and vice versa.
Roth, however, struggles against the constraints of an inevitably dualizing (and hierarchizing) language to postpone our simplification of this troubling specter into a conventional symbolic double.