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general air of dubiety we were so ready to believe surrounded them.
Nuttall tersely phrased it, "the brilliance of Edgar's theatrical stratagem is infected with moral dubiety." (11) The alternative possibility, that Edgar's psychic constitution is an effect of the Gloucester family romance, likewise fails to stabilize his ironic intensities.
If he has to pull out of Glasgow Rangers because the finding goes against him, then at least the dubiety over whether Newcastle and Rangers could play in European competition with the same man as their main financial backer would be sorted once and for all.
Key is the issue of the potential historical contingency of Western conceptions of critique in the face of the historical claims and historical dubiety of much of the Bible.
dubiety of all knowledge, redirecting scepticism with especial force to
Indeed the hearing, the eyesight, and the heart--all of these are accountable (about whether they were following certainty or dubiety)" (The Holy Quran 17:36).
Similarly, where Company "writers" under Robert Clive and Warren Hastings had operated a mixed economy, trading in part for themselves and in part for the Company, these practices ceased to be tolerated in the first decade of the nineteenth century: in 1805-1808 the creation of the Company colleges at Haileybury and Fort William was inspired by the desire to have done with such moral dubiety and to train a bureaucratic cadre of high-minded, Christian, moral, and impartial gentlemen.
It remains for us to question if our constitutional model would be ready for hybrid situations like these in which there is dubiety or duplicity of applicable regimes, depending on the concret case or if, then, we surround ourselves with only one model, depending on the preponderant element of each entity: economic activity in the strict sense or public service.
It was in the afterlife of the PRB, when the work of Rossetti and Burne-Jones achieved moral dubiety that it contributes to European pictorial modernism.
The expert had found striking similarities between the comments that were posted on-line and a brief Perricone had authored in the case, including the use of identical alliteration and antiquated words such as "dubiety" and "redoubt".
However, there was some dubiety last night over whether the striker would stay in South Yorskshire.
Carlson makes an effort speak to teens in their own language, validating their growing dubiety when it comes to adults and authority figures, too many of whom, she confirms, are so wrapped up in the illusion of the self that they forget to act toward world betterment.