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200cr 30- 70% paid to over 36 contractors on fake bills or dubious records discount offered by contractors, who grabbed deals 198 drains, roads, pavements hold records of dubious payments Maintenance and repair work of drains and RMC construction at the IGNOU road, Mehrauli road and Firni road are such examples.
According to Salem Salmeen, Acting Director of the General Department of Electronic Crimes, dubious brokers book tickets for customers and after 24 hours, cancel them.
Analysts are dubious of the Brazilian central bank's move to boost lending.
In 2013 it has investigated nearly 100 000 dubious people and has deported from Bulgaria 128 foreigners, deemed dangerous for Bulgaria.
Summary: General Security Wednesday warned the public against falling for dubious job offers abroad, describing the scams as a "spy trap.
Toulouse, Geneva and Lisbon are the most authentic city-situated travel hubs, according to a survey by car hire broker Holiday Autos, but the Spanish and Italian airports of Barcelona, Rome Fiumicino and Pisa had the dubious honour of coming top of the list for the "most misleading" city airports.
Award-winning writer Sherryl Jordan cleverly exploits the dubious as well as the fantastic in this set of four far-fetched and foul fish tales.
NOT that I don't love being wry about betting on a weekly basis - but my dream job would have to be sitting on the Premier League's Dubious Goals Panel.
This text is an encyclopedia of over 240 individuals, organizations and events with dubious official explanations--dubious either for scientific reasons or because personal testimonies do not add up.
Little Man, Kettering Ref's dubious reds The widely revered, included by me, Kevin Pullein, has had another go at Jose Mourinho.
Chelsea boss Villas-Boas blasted referee Howard Webb for giving Manchester United a second penalty for a dubious foul from Branislav Ivanovic on Danny Welbeck in the box.
Policemen searched the mosque, which was under surveillance, and seized the air pellet guns after noticing dubious movement.