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Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, otherwise known as MRSA, has dubiously made a lot of news this past year.
Not really, but it is just as absurd in retrospect--a 1940 Technicolor eruption of luxuriant turbans and false fortresses surrounding the artificially browned and dubiously haired faces of white actors playing sultans who ride flying toy horses.
They had laboured to beat England, somewhat dubiously on penalties in that torrid quarterfinal of Euro 2004 in Lisbon and lost twice to the eventual champions Greece.
Burton also had two goals dubiously disallowed, prompting Clough to hope for a change of luck at the Abbey Stadium.
Less dubiously, in Wiltshire pubs, a darts score of 81 is called a 'snowstorm', after the local blizzard of 1881.
So, for example, Aboriginal begging for tobacco in Australia and trading of souls with missionaries in return for tobacco are presented, somewhat dubiously, as cases of "mutual exploitation.
She worked as an environmental adviser in the government of former Conservative prime minister Brian Mulroney and was recently part of a panel of "experts" who dubiously chose Mulroney as Canada's most environmental prime minister.
Presidents have used troops in a variety of domestic settings: dubiously to intervene in labor strikes and legitimately to enforce the civil rights laws when state governments were refusing to do so.
Some of our union pension money has been put into dubiously ethical enterprises with people that union people shouldn't even be seen with, never mind invest with
That standard, Rowland implies, leaves women's rights, reproductive and otherwise, hanging in the balance, for while the notorious three-fifths clause dubiously recognized the nation's black presence, the Constitution is silent on women, who were considered wards of their fathers or husbands, without social identity or consequence.
One case, a hacker's attempt to extort money from the National Science Foundation, is dubiously described as a "cyber-terrorist threat.
With his careful building of an empire, delusions of grandeur, and determination to essentially take over the world, Sun Myung Moon isn't a suitable character to be welcomed in Washington, with or without his dubiously acquired millions--especially not when just three years ago he said, "If we stick with the American way of doing things, there is no hope for America; no hope, no country, no heaven.