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Rorty's response no doubt would be to make his view attractive through rhetoric and imagination, but having lost the persuasive power of truth claims, the pragmatic virtues of his proposal seem dubitable.
Besides, analysts often engage in differences of opinion about interpretations of dubitable signals.
Mirroring Ghazali's own journey from doubt and self-reflection on method to the certainties of esoteric knowledge (through both Sufism and philosophy), Moosa takes us through a series of chapters from the "Agonisties of the Self" through to the "Technologies of the Self," culminating, once self-knowledge is no longer dubitable, in epistemic encounters with others.
It logically follows, therefore, that contemporary Spanish poets and dramatists did not need to follow the authority of Aristotle, who based his theory on such dubitable writers; but neither should they follow the Romans (Seneca and Terence), who were themselves just imitators of the Greeks.
This will evidently contribute to another sense of vacuity in Manhattan as a common space with regard to the impossibility of responsible action and intersubjective relations in the fictional city, and it is exclusively this aspect of the multifaceted vacuity herein discussed that will also be argued to be left with an at best dubitable resolution at the end of the novel.
The former type is illustrated by Greaves (1594) but it is dubitable whether his criticism refers to the double comparative or the lack of number agreement between noun and verb.
149) The criticism focused on the fact that the Army did this even though: (1) competitive procedural alternatives were available that were not conclusively shown to be more burdensome than sole-sourcing; (2) the ANCs were of dubitable qualification to provide the contract personnel; and (3) competitive contracts the Army used at the same time cost less.
Let's capsulize some scattered attempts at circumscribing boredom's dubitable boundaries: the cardoon, a tall, thistle-like southern European plant related to the globe artichoke; the dolmen, a megalithic tomb with a large, flat stone laid horizontally across upright stones of comparable size; the hectograph, a device for copying documents by the use of a gelatin plate.
Esta duda instrumental y tecnica, que es el bisturi del filosofo tiene un radio de actuacion mucho mas amplio que la habitual suspicacia del hombre, puesto que dejando atras lo dudoso se alarga hasta lo dubitable.
The merger of literature, geography, and gender may strike some readers as unlikely, perhaps even dubitable.
When people of color act "oddly" around police officers in high-crime areas, according to the appellate court, that makes a decision such as this "easy," and suffices as a "weighty factor" that converts all previously dubitable factors into "facts and circumstances .
Perhaps Sher's claim that ZFC is an adequate theory of formal structure for FS logics in general, though dubitable, is a reasonable one.