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Sonig also commended the marketing and brand-building efforts that had been undertaken by Ducere Pharma, and recognized the organization's role in successfully revitalizing the brands through improved distribution and promotional efforts.
Sonig lauds th marketing and brand-building attempts of Ducere Pharma, identifying the organizations role in fruitfully renewing the brands via enhanced distribution and promotional attempts.
Washington, July 30 ( ANI ): Indian tech firm Ducere Technologies has created 'Lechas shoes' which would be synced with Google Maps to give directions to the user by vibrating the left or the right shoe.
Una reconstruccion critica del pensamiento de John Rawls (Mexico, Plaza y Valdes, 2002); Hermeneutica analogica, cultura y politica (Mexico, Ducere, 2001); Variaciones en torno al liberalismo (Sinaloa, Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa/Galileo, 2000).
tunc ferus Hippomedon magno cum fragmine ripae cunctantem deiecit equum, ducibusque relictis gurgite de medio frenis suspensus et armis, 'ite uiri,' clamat, 'sic uos in moenia primus ducere, sic clausas uoueo perfringere Thebas.
11 -- Ducere Technologies, founded by two Indian techies announced the launch of LECHAL (pronounced lay-ch-al, meaning "take me there" in Hindi) claimed to be the world's first interactive footwear with haptic feedback.
Every part teems with human forms; every wall seems to move with life obedient to the will of the artist, who seems Saxa movere fono testudinis, et prece blanda, Ducere quo vellet (1786: 260, 275).
from co ("together") and ducere ("to lead, draw out, bring, bring out").
In Latin, ducere means "to lead," in the navigational sense of guiding or conducting someone from one place to another.
32) This interpretation tallies with the contemporary belief that fairies could "change both men and women into other beings and carry them with them to elvenland" [tales possunt tam homines quam mulieres in alias naturas transformare [et] secum ducere apud eluenlond].
A tradicao e ducativa no sentido de "conducao fora de", do latim e ducere, nos faz sair da postura do crente servil substituindo-a por um metaconhecimento.
Os verbos deduzir e defender sao semanticamente muito afastados dos verbos ducere (liderar) e fendere (impelir), inexistentes no portugues.