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DUKE. The title given to those who are in the highest rank of nobility in England.

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said Duchess to herself-- "I really couldn't, COULDN'T eat mouse pie.
And I have taken out all the bones; because Duchess did nearly choke herself with a fish-bone last time I gave a party.
I have never known the Prince unpunctual," the Duchess murmured.
The Duchess turned away to greet a man who had paused before their couch on his way into the restaurant.
It's a curious thing, Duchess, about the game of marriage--a game, by the way, that is going out of fashion--the wives hold all the honours, and invariably lose the odd trick.
It is very kind of you, Duchess, to come and tell me all this.
I recognize him in a flash," exclaimed the duchess.
Our host is rather horrid this evening," answered the duchess, colouring.
The servant returned with a message to say, that, though the duchess had not the honor of knowing Monsieur de la Fere, she would receive him.
Even the Duchess sneezed occasionally; and as for the baby, it was sneezing and howling alternately without a moment's pause.
er - conditions of which you, Duchess, are aware, he showed alarm, and I had all that I could do to reassure him.
Don Quixote drew himself up briskly in his saddle, fixed himself in his stirrups, settled his visor, gave Rocinante the spur, and with an easy bearing advanced to kiss the hands of the duchess, who, having sent to summon the duke her husband, told him while Don Quixote was approaching all about the message; and as both of them had read the First Part of this history, and from it were aware of Don Quixote's crazy turn, they awaited him with the greatest delight and anxiety to make his acquaintance, meaning to fall in with his humour and agree with everything he said, and, so long as he stayed with them, to treat him as a knight-errant, with all the ceremonies usual in the books of chivalry they had read, for they themselves were very fond of them.