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DUKE. The title given to those who are in the highest rank of nobility in England.

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but I have seen specimens of the inhabitants," answered the duchess vaguely.
You are really very comforting," warbled the duchess.
Ribby met Duchess half-way own the street, also carrying a basket, covered with a cloth.
As soon as Duchess had got round the corner out of sight--she simply ran
To which the duchess made answer, "that worthy Sancho is droll I consider a very good thing, because it is a sign that he is shrewd; for drollery and sprightliness, Senor Don Quixote, as you very well know, do not take up their abode with dull wits; and as good Sancho is droll and sprightly I here set him down as shrewd.
He of the Lions be it," continued the duke; "I say, let Sir Knight of the Lions come to a castle of mine close by, where he shall be given that reception which is due to so exalted a personage, and which the duchess and I are wont to give to all knights-errant who come there.
exclaimed the duchess, playing carelessly with her fan.
If," replied the duchess, with a meaning look, "you do not say too much against her.
The illustrious host moved about from place to place, and helped to destroy the provisions and keep the conversation lively, and the Grand Duchess talked with the verandah parties and such as had satisfied their appetites and straggled out from the reception room.
The Duchess turned away to greet a man who had paused before their couch on his way into the restaurant.
We are waiting now for Prince Maiyo," the Duchess remarked.
The Duchess took my cab, and the first address she gave was the New York, New Haven