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DUKE. The title given to those who are in the highest rank of nobility in England.

References in classic literature ?
Duchess read the letter and wrote an answer:--"I will come with much pleasure at a quarter past four.
"I will come very punctually, my dear Ribby," wrote Duchess; and then at the end she added--"I hope it isn't mouse?"
"I have never known the Prince unpunctual," the Duchess murmured.
The Duchess turned away to greet a man who had paused before their couch on his way into the restaurant.
[Seated L.C.] Oh, you mustn't think it is going to be a ball, Duchess. It is only a dance in honour of my birthday.
[Standing L.C.] Very small, very early, and very select, Duchess.
"I recognize him in a flash," exclaimed the duchess.
"Ugliness is one of the seven deadly sins, then?" cried the duchess. "What becomes of your simile about the orchid?"
The servant returned with a message to say, that, though the duchess had not the honor of knowing Monsieur de la Fere, she would receive him.
The door led right into a large kitchen, which was full of smoke from one end to the other: the Duchess was sitting on a three-legged stool in the middle, nursing a baby; the cook was leaning over the fire, stirring a large cauldron which seemed to be full of soup.
The Duchess, who wore gold-rimmed spectacles, and was a person of weight in the councils of the Primrose League, went calmly on with her knitting.
"I am rejoiced at all this," said the duchess; "go, brother Panza, and tell your master that he is welcome to my estate, and that nothing could happen me that could give me greater pleasure."