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The project was completed in two phases: the first phase was building and installing the infrastructure to support new equipment, which was finished in winter 2015, and the second phase saw the installation of equipment to expand ductile production.
The objective function of the work deals with the predictions of ductile fracture in the sheet metal blanking process by modelling ductile fracture initiation criteria which is suitable for various working conditions of the materials.
Ductile iron pipe earned especially high marks for recycled content, its exceedingly long life, and for the industry's commitment to innovation in conserving energy and water resources while controlling emissions.
Products include ductile iron pipe and fittings, ductile iron castings, fire hydrants, valves, fire truck pumps, centrifugally cast steel tubes, static steel castings, fabricated assemblies, Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) steel pipe and spiral-welded steel pipe.
This criterion states that the fracture type changes from brittle to ductile if the yield stress drops below the fracture stress.
Although the aim of these experiments is to understand the behavior of ductile materials, Spence says, the new technique may help in designing flexible alloys less likely to fracture under intense heat or stress-like the conditions that can cause jet engine turbine blades to fail.
Ductile iron pipe offers many economic and service advantages for normal water supply, transmission, and distribution piping and its acceptance is nationwide.
Fittings shall be available in 3" through 48" sizes and shall be cast from ductile iron in accordance with ANSI/AWWA CI10/A21.
Flex-Ring joint ductile iron pipe with its positive, flexible joint restraint is ideal for use in trenchless applications such as horizontal directional drilling and pipebursting.
To determine whether ductile iron could or should have a place in machine-tool-structure design decisions in the US, the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) recently completed a state-of-the-art assessment of basic material information and design philosophies with Dr Alex Zavaras of the University of Pittsburgh.
Their work has shown that gray iron (the garden-variety cast iron used extensively until ductile iron came on the scene in the 1960s) and the far-stronger ductile cast iron suffer somewhat equally from bacterial-enhanced corrosion.