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The number of potable water system and sanitary sewer projects that include the installation of ductile iron pipe made by horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is steadily increasing, say representatives of the ductile iron pipe industry.
More than 200 metalcasters attended the Keith Millis Symposium on Ductile Iron, held Oct.
This project will consist of four separate job sites, Hookers Gap & Wade Dr which is approximately 610 LF of 6-inch ductile iron pipe, Craig Circle which is approximately 1630 LF of 6-inch ductile iron pipe, Ridge Ave & Alta Ave which will consist of the installation of approximately 1580 LF of 6-inch ductile
He went on to state that attendees needed to take into careful consideration ductile iron's position not only in North America, but the world.
Rodney Schwarzlose, area manager for Holloman Corporation of Converse, TX, the general contractor on the project, said that in addition to the 2,500 feet of HDD crossings the job involved the installation of some 18 miles of American 24- and 30-inch ductile iron pipe through open cut.
The installation of 220 meters of ductile iron pipe DN 150 mm,
Meadow Road - replacement of 1,332 feet of 48 year old ductile iron pipe, 15 water services and 2 fire hydrants
Georgia Ductile is a manufacturer of sand cast iron components, primarily for the automotive industry, focusing on suspension and brake components.
Iron pipe, and now modern ductile iron pipe, helped build this country and I am honored to be joining DIPRA's team," said Runge.
This contract is for, in the eastern extension project tram line D of Strasbourgeoise agglomeration work network renewal of drinking water and more particularly - The installation of 350 meters of ductile iron pipe DN 100 mm,- The installation of 220 meters of ductile iron pipe DN 150 mm,- The installation of 470 meters of ductile iron pipe DN 200 mm,- The installation of 100 meters of ductile iron pipe DN 300 mm,- The installation of 230 meters of ductile iron pipe DN 400 mm,- The installation of 200 meters of ductile iron pipe DN 800 mm,- Laying of concrete on site one look,- The installation of 14 connections.
Increasing nodule count is critical to improving the performance of ductile iron, particularly when it is prone to under-cooling.
Even as plastic pipe suppliers aggressively promote their products to the public works market, many water and sewer system operators continue to prefer and specify ductile iron pipe for new construction and pipe replacement projects.