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Dudgeon, 24, of Stirling, who has a record of petty crime, pleaded guilty to breaking into Mr Johnson's home with intent to steal.
Masdar is a 35 per cent shareholder in Dudgeon alongside Statoil (35%) and Statkraft (30%).
The 402-MW Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm is located 32 km off the Norfolk coast in England.
Comprising of 67 wind turbines, Dudgeon is now supplying around 410,000 UK homes -- in one of the largest deployments of 6MW wind turbines, the most powerful on the market.
When Dudgeon is fully operational later this year, Statoil will deliver electricity to one million brits from its offshore wind projects.
The project recognised A Mech-Tool spokesman said: "The Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm project has been recognised throughout the industry for its safety and quality performance, setting extremely high standards for future offshore wind farm projects.
99, 416 pages, ISBN 9781250087799) Piers Dudgeon reveals how sanitized that movie's version of events was, hinting at a far more complex and disquieting connection between Barrie and the boys, particularly the second youngest, Michael.
International engineering and operations support services contractor ODE, part of the DORIS Group, has successfully installed new pontoon and crane facilities on the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm base in Great Yarmouth.
LONDON: Dudgeon Offshore Wind said it has secured Au1.
Neil Dudgeon as DCI John Barnaby and Gwilym Lee as DS Charlie Nelson
Detective drama, starring Neil Dudgeon and Gwilym Lee.