due punishment

See: reprisal
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But that feeling had been replaced by another, the desire, not merely that she should not be triumphant, but that she should get due punishment for her crime.
I believe that the perpetrators of this terrible tragedy must be held accountable before an international court for their atrocities in Khojali, Karabakh, Sumgayit, and suffer due punishment in accordance with the laws of justice," Kaya said, adding that the unresolved Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict poses a serious threat to the region and the world.
Prosecutor General Moon Moo-il said figures involved would face due punishment following a thorough review of the case.
Members could not satisfy on the performance of the Punjab Government on zero results of the rape murder cases in the Province of Punjab and recommended that all the stake-holders should hold a meeting with the Ministry of Human Rights to make amendments in the Bill for constitution of such a law to give due punishment to the culprit up-to 28th February, 2018.
Public wants to see the culprit getting their due punishment for such heinous crime.
The SHOs are also directed to ensure that no act of misbehaviour or non-cooperation may be done by officer or official of their respective police station, the general public may also be asked to especially report the case of domestic violence, if any member of victim's family is involved and cases of honour killing may be prosecuted in trial courts with more zeal and spirit, so that culprits could be awarded with their due punishment and will not dare to commit the same in future.
The main focus of the anti-corruption operations so far has been in the province of Sindh but it is expected that such operations will also be launched in other parts of the country and all those elements that are engaged in corruption funding and in milking the country dry at all levels will be exposed and receive due punishment.
The city's law enforcement still needs to work out ways to implement the regulations to the letter and make smokers who defy the ban receive due punishment," Xu Guihua, ` 2,000 would be charged as fine from smokers found in the vicinity of public places
ONLY in this country, with the pitterpatter of nonsense which puts rehabilitation ahead of due punishment, could a violent criminal serving 13 life sentences for a string of bank raids be put in an open prison and considered for early release.
Meanwhile, the victim's mother, Asha, demanded that in such cases, the judgement should come within a stipulated time so that the convicts receive their due punishment and there needs to be separate trial courts to speed up the process.
She'd signed away her rights to her son, they said, due punishment for her sinful behavior.