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First, prior Supreme Court precedent and text/plain meaning show very high rates of dueling during the Roberts Court's first five-and-a-half terms--the Justices dueled over the application of Supreme Court precedent in 63.
2) Padres starter Andy Ashby dueled evenly with the Braves' John Smoltz and left with a 1-1 tie.
But while the rest of the would-be contenders all had fresher tires, Burton and Gordon dueled alone on rubber put on with 52 laps remaining.
Certainly a man who felt obliged to risk his life in this premodern rite seems to us moderns a one-dimensional being more apt for caricature or scorn than sympathy, but McAleer, despite his disdain for the duel and duelers, has given us a complex portrait of the reasons why men dueled and shown how the archaic values of German elites were strengthened in the process.