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The French duelers exhibit a slightly tighter radius in the curve and sport a longer, target-type grip.
The two duelers are described in the letter to Elizabeth of Jan.
Over time I realized they were like a pair of old duelers who kept their own pistols in their holsters, but let their seconds and thirds fire away.
German duelers in the 19th century prized Rennomierschmiss, or bragging scars.
He carefully peruses the twenty-odd dueling codes published in Italy in the modern era to show the standards that in fact did govern encounters, which, if scrupulously observed by duelers, practically guaranteed legal immunity.
Using the words and illustrations of contemporary fencing manuals, as well as the work of cultural historians such as Gail Kern Paster, Norbert Elias, and Anna Bryson, (4) Low examines the ways in which duelers worked within physical boundaries defined by their bodies and rapiers.
But it would be simpler still for the duelers to just use leeches," said Tumanov.