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Under such conditions, both duelists became victims.
Then, I'd start the whole process over again on the next duelist or witness.
(16) Some of them had left the University of Jena at the turn of the 19th century, as the anti-duel movement gained momentarily momentum and pressure was on the habitual duelists. (17) They brought with them from their first alma mater the strong student mensuur tradition which came to be an essential and important part of the Corps life at the University of Tartu for well over 100 years.
Shooters can compete in any one of several categories, including: Traditional (fixed sighted single action sixguns from the 19th century or replicas thereof); Modern (single action sixguns with adjustable sights); Duelist (shooting sixguns one-handed); Gunfighter (sequentially shooting two sixguns right-handed and left-handed); and Black Powder.
Duelist uses the traditional, non-adjustable rear sight cartridge pistols, but are fired from a single-hand hold unsupported position.
A Decembrist literary celebrity and military hero, Bestuzhev-Marlinsky was himself a notorious duelist. While he often idealized the duel, he also highlighted its shortcomings.
A duelist who killed his opponent could erase his crime only by proving himself a man of honor who had conformed with the rituals of the duel.
The maximum punishment for a duelist who killed his rival was six years of prison and 3,000 pesos in fine, instead of the death penalty that common homicides could receive.
You end up like the nervous duelist in the Caran d'Ache cartoon, who asks for a lesson from his second and is cut to ribbons by way of a demonstration while his real opponent looks gloatingly on.
Born in Stamford, New York, he served in the navy and won a reputation as an inveterate duelist. Later, in Nashville, he fought a duel with the husband of his mistress, killed him, was taken out by a mob and lynched--but he was rescued at the point of death.
He was an inveterate duelist, led the Astor Place riots against the English actor Macready, was an organizer of the nativistic Know - Nothing party, and during the Civil War was dismissed from the Union army for drunkenness.