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duelists of all time is about to arrive in the duel academy.
The duelists took me into their service, and they pay well.
Duels in Mexico, seldom employed in past centuries, became frequent after 1880, despite the penalties against duelists established in the 1871 Federal District's penal code.
From me and the entire Duels team, two hundred million thanks to all of the Duelists who brought their A-game and participated in the 2009 WDC.
TRADING CARD GAME and see how our year-round product release schedule and Organized Play events will satisfy the needs of new players and competitive Duelists.
NYSE:HAS), is calling on young duelists to bring their most powerful creatures to the DUEL MASTERS'(TM) Tournament of the Five Civilizations.
TCG Collectible Tins allow Duelists to make their Decks much more powerful, with a collection of booster packs designed to increase the complexity and power during matches.
Duelists strategize to use the most powerful combination of cards from their "decks" to defeat their opponents and become master duelists.
Our 2013 line-up was developed with both new players and seasoned Duelists in mind," said Yumi Hoashi, Vice President of Card Business for Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.