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In the Gladiator game, duelists try to knock one another off a narrow platform.
It boasts a 25 percent shorter hammer stroke for fast, easy cocking, a plus for 1-handed duelists and mounted shooters.
Deep within the mountain's core, duelists go toe-to-toe against fierce minions, including Dark Iron dwarves, fire elementals, and dragons, while facing off against legendary menaces from the Warcraft universe, such as Ragnaros the Firelord.
Through a study of the literary works of two duelists Ercole Bottrigari and Virgilio Malvezzi, Avellini paints a convincing picture of dissidence both in the form of the duel itself and in literary production where anti-Catholic views are espoused by Bottrigari.
It's not that the duelists could choose a less violent way to couple.
Just as duelists had their seconds, so Biggs and Fox had their preferred organ-builders: G.
Years in the future, in a land inaccessible to the rest of the world, is a unique boarding school which educates promising young duelists to achieve their full potential.
You have Texas' Young and USC's Leinart as worthy title-game duelists, and Leinart about to join fellow Trojan Carson Palmer in making this the first time ever that two Heisman winners have gone in the draft's top 5 within a three-year span.
The last chapter, "When Women Fight," examines female duelists in drama.
16) Some of them had left the University of Jena at the turn of the 19th century, as the anti-duel movement gained momentarily momentum and pressure was on the habitual duelists.
The duelists are anxious not to miss any of the wonderful performance, and they wipe the rime off their little eyes' long eyelashes.