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Scott says he shot ``The Duellists,'' the story of two French Napoleonic officers (played by Keith Carradine and Harvey Keitel) who engage in a series of duels, in 58 days and for some $900,000, not a big sum even in those days.
Paul Macdonald, president of the Dawn Duellists, said: "We had a couple of small boats, but it would have been too dangerous to go out in them.
Mosley's brinkmanship and Ferrari's stonewalling make them appear like duellists at dawn - both believing they will triumph without pausing to consider they might both die in the attempt.
Today's programme kicks off at 10am with live music, dancers and performance by re-enactment group Dawn Duellists.
Aberdeen-born Kieran, a psychiatric nurse at Royal Edinburgh Hospital, is a member of the Company of Dawn Duellists - whose aim is to 'revive the ancient traditions of swordplay
He was one of the Edinburgh-based Company of Dawn Duellists who were on the Lancastrian side during a restaging of the 1460 Battle of North-ampton at Clapham, Bedfordshire.
A full list of events is lined up for the rest of the week, including entertainment from Norwegian group Bryne Band, local singer Dawn Duellists and jester Garry Gifford.
Having worked together on The Duellists in 1977, Scott teamed up with Oscar nominee Albert Finney (pictured) for this account of Winston Churchill's pre-war years and his struggle to alert the British people to the threat posed by the Nazis.
There were duets, too, including a thunderous Ride of the Valkyries which ended with these so-friendly duellists being crowned with Viking helmets (Trotter almost disappearing beneath his), a touch listeners to the future broadcast on Radio 2's The Organist Entertains will miss.
He went to Saturday's battle with the Edinburgh Company of Dawn Duellists, where he is an instructor.
Morpeth's main street will be packed with stalls and a main performance stage, which will feature live music from rock, brass and pipe bands, a display by the Dawn Duellists sword fighters and dancing, aerobics and karate demonstrations.
The Duellists in 1977 was his first film and won a prize at the Cannes festival.