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If Scott was part of a generation of visually distinctive British filmmakers who emerged from the ranks of advertising, critics often took them to task for prioritizing style over substance, beginning with "The Duellists.
This was an age of Spanish galleons, battle-scarred pirate ships, masked highwaymen, haughty duellists and grim-faced witch hunters.
uk, 01544 350220 Express (action Duellists (Harvey Keitel.
The Duellists Film4 7pm Ridley Scott makes a stunning directorial debut with this period drama, starring Harvey Keitel and Keith Carradine.
July Cup duellists Starspangledbanner and Equiano go at it again 24 hours later as they battle for the 5f championship of Europe in the Coolmore Nunthorpe Stakes - in which local hero Borderlescott could bid for a hat-trick if he completes a remarkable recovery from injury by coming through a late fitness test.
Presented in alphabetical order, entries encompass four categories: his directing in film, TV, and commercials, from The Duellists to Alien to Body of Lies; actors, writers, and others involved in his projects; topics such as gender construction, political issues, and geographical locations; and influential films by other directors.
Princess Bride, the 1936 version of The Mask of Zorro, Rob Roy, The Duellists, Rocky, the Matrix films, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Snatch - there are loads.
Jacobs Saturday as he pointed out a large shelf full of swordfight-friendly movies such as "The Fifth Musketeer," "Princess Bride," and "The Duellists.
Whitechapel used to be a famous place for duellists and many people have seen young men dressed in the clothes of the period fighting," says Billy, whose Paranormal Study Centre is based in Penny Lane.
Following Sunday's opening ceremony and medieval procession through the town, yesterday saw more live music and dancers take to the stage in the Market Square and a performance by re-enactment group Dawn Duellists.
Deidre Clancy's costumes are fine and flow very well thus, the young duellists look perfect in smart doublets and tights, drawing rapiers not guns when the going gets rough.
Ridley Scott was, by his account, a veteran director of some 1,500 commercials when he finally got the chance to shoot his first feature, ``The Duellists,'' in 1977.