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DUKE. The title given to those who are in the highest rank of nobility in England.

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Welcome to the independent Dukedom of Walsallia, the jewel in the Federation of West Midlandonia.
The Uptons building is owned by Stockton-based Dukedom Group.
That stud now belongs to his son, Lord Hartington, founding chairman of the BHB, who now succeeds to the dukedom.
Kind Hearts, the story of an upper class but poor young man who wipes out his entire, estranged family to inherit a Dukedom, is the most thoroughly and gloriously English film ever made.
Hotspur, a direct ancestor of the duke and the second Earl of Northumberland before it became a dukedom in 1766, is the most famous Percy of all.
Constitutional experts yesterday criticised the choice of titles given to Prince Edward, saying it was a slight that he had not been given a royal dukedom.
Mazzini sets out to wipe out all the D'Ascoynes standing between him and the Dukedom.
The Dukedom Group scheme is recommended for approval when it comes before Redcar and Cleveland Council's planning committee tomorrow.
WHICH English dukedom can only be held by the heir-apparent to the throne?
David Nicholson got a dukedom for looking after me as a youth, and Michael Stoute, whom I later worked for, got a knighthood.
Mr Powell, who is excellent, plays Louis Mazzini the wronged heir to the d'Ascoyne dukedom, whose driving ambitions to don the golden strawberry lives turns him into a serial killer.
Edward wants a dukedom for Christmas,while Anne just gets on with keeping the family firm afloat.