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DUKE. The title given to those who are in the highest rank of nobility in England.

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I don't mind telling you, Father, because it's really more defending the poor Duke than giving him away.
Instead of using funds he held in trust, he took advantage of the Duke's carelessness to put the family in a financial hole, in which it might be necessary for the Duke to let him hold them in reality.
And the duke smiled, with a smile at once sad and charming.
cried Anne of Austria, with an accent of terror which proved how much greater an interest she took in the duke than she ventured to tell.
Monsieur," said the baron to the duke, "all the servants of his majesty must approve of the latest intelligence which we have from the Island of Elba.
And, moreover, my dear duke," continued the minister of police, "we are almost assured that, in a very short time, the usurper will be insane.
Firstly, he did not see his way to make him master of any state that was not a state of the Church; and if he was willing to rob the Church he knew that the Duke of Milan and the Venetians would not consent, because Faenza and Rimini were already under the protection of the Venetians.
This came to him soon and he used it well; for the Orsini, perceiving at length that the aggrandizement of the duke and the Church was ruin to them, called a meeting of the Magione in Perugia.
Nothing at all," the Duke said, rising to his feet.
The Duke drove down to the House, but called first in Downing Street.
I became a - er - general member of this Society," the Duke continued, "sympathising heartily with its objects as explained to me by you, Prince, and believing, although to confess it is somewhat of a humiliation, that a certain amount of - er - combination amongst the aristocracy has become necessary to resist the terrible increase of Socialism which we must all so much deplore.
Your anxiety," the Duke continued, "and the anxiety of our friends must be restrained for a few minutes, for there are certain things which I am determined to say, and to say them now.