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When Captain Tom Forsyth returns from Afghanistan he expects life in his leafy Berkshire home town to be dull as ditchwater.
The highlights reel of his tries was as dull as ditchwater, featuring a succession of walk-ins from two yards out after brilliant work from centre Matt Gidley.
IT'S a drab time of year, we've lost the glow and radiance of late summer and feel as dull as ditchwater, but all is not lost.
His friends and family say they cannot understand why millions of viewers believe he's dull as ditchwater.
Simon Williams has written a smashing new comedy which bristles with sharply funny one-liners and makes many recent TV situation comedies seem as dull as ditchwater.
CAROL Vorderman, aka the people's genius, has sparked an outcry after branding Shakespeare dull as ditchwater.
The couple, who are getting married this year, are portrayed as a dull as ditchwater pair - claiming it's "exciting" news that Mark bought a new shed.