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Mark Smokov's thesis is that Harvey Logan--Kid Curry--rather than the dull-witted, bloodthirsty criminal of popular lore was in fact a crafty robber who murdered fewer victims than commonly believed and who provided better leadership of the gang than either Cassidy or the Kid.
Richie (Mayall) runs the titular hotel with his dull-witted cohort Eddie (Edmondson) but it's a nightmare for the guests.
Be silent, dull-witted nature, and learn from your Master your true condition which you do not understand.
Already, under the "peace process," Putin and Assad are running rings around the dull-witted Kerry, whose Botoxicated visage embodies all too well the expensively embalmed state of the superpower.
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, even though England looked out-of-form and jaded, with sloppy wicketkeeping and fielding and dull-witted captaincy as compared to a vibrant, young, new order Australian side at Old Trafford, whether Australia had the steel to finish off a live Ashes Test match still remains a mystery after the Monday washout.
I make fun of their dull-witted, self-defeating, abjectly wicked world view.
In The Bell Curve, Herrnstein and Murray predicted that politicians and intellectuals would eventually come to realize that a dull-witted underclass is biologically condemned to a subculture of crime, addiction, family disorganization, child abuse, and unavailability for work.
These were well-educated and conscientious servants of the Prussian state, like Karl Georg von Raumer, a far cry from the dull-witted and obtuse figures of popular satires against censorship.
Of the Americans abducted by Hizballah, some were killed, and some spared for hostage exchanges--no thanks to Washington's dull-witted denunciation of such deals on the sanctimonious grounds that they only encourage the terrorists.
All things considered, AARP's dull-witted partisanship seems a far less destructive alternative.
One day a dull-witted old lady commented: "It must be lovely working with all this Christmas music playing.
A democracy like ours cannot afford to throw itself open to the world where every man is a lawmaker, every dull-witted or fanatical immigrant admitted to our citizenship is a bane to the commonwealth; where all classes of society merge insensibly into one another.