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Of the Americans abducted by Hizballah, some were killed, and some spared for hostage exchanges--no thanks to Washington's dull-witted denunciation of such deals on the sanctimonious grounds that they only encourage the terrorists.
One day a dull-witted old lady commented: "It must be lovely working with all this Christmas music playing.
But most of all they lost their imagination, delivering a dull-witted display in front of a 73,000 crowd.
At the same time, she completely ignores her husband's problems, and the novel ends with the first signs of the consolidation of the Kadar regime in May 1957 and Fatray's alienation from his insensitive, dull-witted wife.
He speaks softly and patiently and I feel like a dull-witted puppy, who has just left a puddle on the floor.
The only problem such a reading creates is that it tends to give the dull-witted Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, in their insistence on Hamlet's ambition, more insight into his melancholy than other characters.
On top of this, the Ossis were blamed for the mess, for being too dull-witted to pick up the tricks of the free market.
Whatever questions poor governance, rulers for life, invasive theology, dull-witted education, unfair gender laws, abuse of national resources, and more, is bound to come from people who respect science, human rights and the rule of law, and who do not consider matters solely in a religious framework.
Wineapple challenges the prevailing view of Higginson as her ill-chosen mentor, dull-witted, overbearing, deaf to her music and originality.
Not because they're snooty, slothful, obsequious, rude or dull-witted.
Fairfax has earned a reputation as a dull-witted "cipher" (4, 215), yet Hopper argues for his importance in leading the parliamentarian forces to victory over Charles I and the royalists in the two Civil Wars.
Years of "if it's hard, drop it, and if everybody can't do it, let's have something that even a dull-witted chimp could do", have seen to that.