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The resort is one of the dullest places in Britain, with very few decent pubs in the centre, a long hike from the railway station, snooty Tory locals, a confusing road system and more hills than Rome.
ERIC Clapton may or may not be the greatest guitarist ever to have lived but I still reckon the 15 minutes I spent at one of his concerts the dullest time of my entire life.
PERFECT for spring blooms, this vibrant yellow vase will liven up the dullest of corners.
Some of the bands that are the easiest to categorise are maybe some of the dullest because they are just following what's gone before.
That 0-0 was one of the dullest games I can recall in a long time.
They can make anywhere look good and cast flickering light into the dullest of places.
This cheerful mix offers a blend of yellows, blues and purples to brighten up the dullest of days.
So it was a little unfortunate that the little unfortunate that the following night's Match of the following night's Match of the Day was one of the dullest in Day was one of the dullest in living memory.
YOU WILL NEED: Some card A pair of scissors Felt pens A hole pinch Ribbon These will dullest WHAT TO DO: Cut a wiggly piece of card about six-eight inches long, making it round at the top for a head, and tapering it to a point at the bottom.
According to Steve Jackson, from Bablake Weather Station, last week was the dullest 46th week of the year since 2003 with the lowest weekly sunshine total this year.
Summer 2012 was also one of the dullest summers on record with just 413 hours of sunshine.
It was also the dullest since 1909 and the coldest since 1991.