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Prince Bagration turned to the officer and with his dull eyes looked at him in silence.
If Ralph were here, he'd find this very dull," Mary thought, with a little shiver of irritation, which led her to place her rose the wrong way in the basket.
I've only got the news in this letter, which you stigmatize as dull and stupid, and won't let me read.
I never thought of the other world,' she murmured, in low dull tones, like a woman talking in her sleep.
Everybody seemed to stare so stupidly somehow; she feared a dull day.
To say the truth, these soporific parts are so many scenes of serious artfully interwoven, in order to contrast and set off the rest; and this is the true meaning of a late facetious writer, who told the public that whenever he was dull they might be assured there was a design in it.
Instead of the customary humble and grateful thanks from the non-escorted one there was to be perceived a high- poised head, a prideful dimpling at the corners of a broad mouth, and almost a sparkle in a dull brown eye.
It's not dull if one has work to do; besides, one's not dull by oneself," Levin replied abruptly.
When under the influence of the latter feeling, his eye never failed to seek the visage of his dull and impenetrable kinsman.