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Problem is, there are scads of dumb terminals still in use at CB&T's branches.
Tenders are invited for Thinclient Version Of Dumb Terminal Prs With Dec Vt 320 Emulation With Vt200 220 Compatible Railway Uts And Prs From Downloadable Capability With Ansback Support With 15.
com)-- Acnodes Corporation, a quality provider of industrial computers, today announces the latest portable field-ready dumb terminal, the PKD8173.
Solling says that the dumb terminal does not even have to be a laptop of PC, it could also be an iPad or some other computing environment that the employee likes because it can be low cost and does not need a lot of computing power.
Rather than buying complete PCs with operating systems and all the other bells and whistles, inhabitants of third- world countries where a $300 Dell is still a very big deal, could move to computing more quickly with a $100ish dumb terminal that connects to the experience.
A client can be many things: a PC (or a dumb terminal without a hard disk) on a local area network (LAN); a PC at a remote location connected to the home office via some sort of communication circuit (point-to-point, dial-up or the Internet); a remote PC using an internet service provider (ISP) such as America Online or Mindspring; or even a PalmPilot.
Only this time you can run Windows-based graphical programs remotely on a dumb terminal (now called thin clients) using thin client/server networks such as Citrix or Windows Terminal Server.
A Network Computer terminal or NC is similar to a mainframe dumb terminal.
When we talk about a network computer, a lot of people say, 'That's a dumb terminal.
Then any dumb terminal can be configured to communicate with any similar terminal on the network.
Tenders are invited for Providing of Dumb Terminal with Key board of PRS and UTS and Annual maintenance contract rate for 4th and 5th years are required.