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Windows Terminals offer the highest levels of security, but the least user flexibility since they are basically dumb terminals, the end user has virtually no control.
User-interface software programs help one use a terminal to communicate with a host, but the local PC is still basically a dumb terminal.
But we have, in essence, returned to the dumb terminal model, wherein the "PC" look-alike is dumb, and the processing power is done mostly on the server.
Dumb terminals can be purchased for considerably less than personal computers, and they can be linked to the minicomputer by telephone wire, which is cheaper than cable, McCalmont noted.
In any case, it's a diskless computer, he points out, rather than a dumb terminal.
With the cost of T1s moderating in CB&T's locale, Baker says, it was clear there would be benefits, despite the costs of abandoning some dumb terminal equipment that wouldn't work with the T1s.
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Maybe they're not as cheap as your average Wyse 150 dumb terminal, but that terminal doesn't do much but display a character-based application.
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And if it's a dumb terminal, it must go through a terminal sewer.
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