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They reserved the loudest applause for her and once she took centre-stage the crowd was left dumb-struck.
Only a month ago, he swiftly swallowed the entire chunk of Ukraine's territory called Crimea, while the whole international community stood dumb-struck glaring at the audacity of this one man who fears none
17 ( ANI ): Used as we are to the never ending cycle of hartals in Bangladesh, I was, nevertheless, dumb-struck by an article in a leading Bangladesh English daily.
Dumb-struck road safety campaigners and taxpayers vented their fury after councillors passed the motion by five votes to three.
I was dumb-struck to see that famous chin cheering his son on.
Or, the day after 9/11 when he and three other team-mates stripped naked and vomited in a Heathrow hotel bar as dumb-struck American guests watched TV coverage of the disaster?
The ambient darkness, the sense of the women being culturally oppressed and the violence of the fights all tended to militate against the lighter aspects of the scenes; for instance, Rosalind's affected, "He calls us back" when Orlando, dumb-struck, does no such thing, went for very little.
A society that can be awe-struck by science, but never dumb-struck.
DOWNFIELD were left dumb-struck after Musselburgh pulled off a smash-and-grab raid.
When I found out I was down to the last six again I was delighted but I was convinced I wasn't going to win so when they announced my name as the winner I was absolutely dumb-struck.
Nobody laughed, but no less embarrassing, we were all dumb-struck.
Dumb-struck by the very un-Nordic emotional energy, Hannah absent-mindedly causes an accident while cycling home, leading to Jackson being hospitalized for a concussion.