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Only a month ago, he swiftly swallowed the entire chunk of Ukraine's territory called Crimea, while the whole international community stood dumb-struck glaring at the audacity of this one man who fears none
17 ( ANI ): Used as we are to the never ending cycle of hartals in Bangladesh, I was, nevertheless, dumb-struck by an article in a leading Bangladesh English daily.
Dumb-struck road safety campaigners and taxpayers vented their fury after councillors passed the motion by five votes to three.
I was dumb-struck to see that famous chin cheering his son on.
Or, the day after 9/11 when he and three other team-mates stripped naked and vomited in a Heathrow hotel bar as dumb-struck American guests watched TV coverage of the disaster?
A society that can be awe-struck by science, but never dumb-struck.
DOWNFIELD were left dumb-struck after Musselburgh pulled off a smash-and-grab raid.
When I found out I was down to the last six again I was delighted but I was convinced I wasn't going to win so when they announced my name as the winner I was absolutely dumb-struck.
Nobody laughed, but no less embarrassing, we were all dumb-struck.
My mate, whodidn't know his cerveza from his peseta, sat dumb-struck and crimson as the interview panel proceeded to ask him their opening question.
Millions of viewers were left dumb-struck as they saw Anne powdering her face while looking at herself in a miniature mirror.
She never expected to win of course, and when her name was announced she says she was too dumb-struck to say ``thank you'' in Welsh which she really wanted to do.