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Though grateful, Jackson said, "I didn't even have much reaction, I was so dumbfounded.
Dyer's article "The Spiritual Journey for Youth" in the May/June 2006 issue, and I must say I am dumbfounded.
Claytronics is so far out that computer scientist Peter Lee, who's also at Carnegie Mellon, was dumbfounded when Goldstein told him about it.
True enough: Most San Francisco readers would look at the cartoons, which are at about the artistic level of Asterix, and be dumbfounded that anybody could commit murder over them.
I did it for the sake of your prestige and reputation" he slyly told the dumbfounded officers, who released him because he was too popular to detain.
We are lulled by his words, hypnotized by the execution of clever writing, delighted by his satire and wit, and dumbfounded in the manner he makes the mundane, trite, or unusual noteworthy and worth rereading--repeatedly.
After reading the article on the NAACP ("NAACP's Mfume Steps Down," Newspoints February 2005), I was dumbfounded.
I AM dumbfounded that a Scottish Executive- commissioned report has decided heroin is harmless.
Mary, now of Seattle, said: 'I am dumbfounded and shocked that a court has finally listened to me.
We find ourselves dumbfounded at the command, because we've been casting our nets in various ways for so long, but so often they seem to come up empty.
Like the children, I was dumbfounded, but the effect that 1970 exhibition had on my understanding of Miminal art would be lasting.
I guess I could have quipped back something sarcastic or witty but instead I was dumbfounded, stunned that I was labeled "unclean.