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DEAF, DUMB, AND BLIND. A man born deaf, dumb, and blind, is considered an idiot. (q.v.) 1 Bl. Com. 304; F. N. B. 233; 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 2111.

DUMB. One who cannot speak; a person who is mute. See Deaf and dumb, Deaf, dumb, and blind; Mute, standing mute.

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Jayawardene was later out for 28 and Channel Four anchorman Mark Nicholas, the former Hampshire and England A captain who also recently presented 'Survivor', said: "As dumbness goes, it's right up there - it's elementary schoolboy stuff.
Westphalen is here exploring the language and representation of exteriority rather than performing any authentic dumbness, stupidity, or weirdness.
Kilmer as de Kooning and Stephanie Seymour as Helen Frankenthaler; their dumbness surfaces and distracts.
No point is served by arguing with the popular press over its presupposed dumbness, but Brian D'Amato and I did fervently believe that our enthusiasm for Verhoeven's movies was a legitimate art--and Hollywood--passion.
Of course, Evans is not really a clone of Alf Garnett because Johnny Speight's character sent up the essential dumbness of racial hatred.
But it also works to suggest the total dumbness of the whole "who influenced whom" setup - after all, everything's out there for everybody to muck around in, right?
In Flower Heads, 1996, the six lumps that burst like strange fruit from looping, blossoming strands also act to keep its sparkly purple arabesques in check, preventing them from looping off into empty decorative dumbness.
Like the Jim Jarmusch of Stranger Than Paradise and Mystery Train, Tarantino is an intellectual who enjoys playing dumb, who pumps up the assertive dumbness embedded in hipness.
Abdul Ghaffar Biloo said iodine deficiency causes increased child mortality, mental retardation, deaf and dumbness, stunting, intellectual impairment (low IQ levels), hypothyroidism, cretinism, goiter, maternal mortality and morbidity.
As we sat in traffic sandwiched between a honking taxi (as if that would get traffic moving) on our left and a tractor-trailer rig on our right, we observed the dumbness of Saudi and expat drivers unfolding in spectacular fashion.
Dumbness appears more endemic in America or maybe the percentage of stupidity is the same but they have more crimes.