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DEAF, DUMB, AND BLIND. A man born deaf, dumb, and blind, is considered an idiot. (q.v.) 1 Bl. Com. 304; F. N. B. 233; 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 2111.

DUMB. One who cannot speak; a person who is mute. See Deaf and dumb, Deaf, dumb, and blind; Mute, standing mute.

References in classic literature ?
Down went the Dumb man, and away flew his cudgel from his hand as he fell.
The dumb show is a reminder that early modern plays are products and relics of a theatrical milieu very different from our own.
Dumb shows typically presented events crucial to the plot, so it was important that their action be understood by playgoers.
Dumb shows have rarely been given specific critical attention from any perspective, let alone performance.
The hype around the Dumb Starbucks store in Los Feliz, LA, refuses to die down.
In a recent development, the Los Angeles County Health Department has issued closure notification to Dumb Starbucks for operating without a health permit.
Twitter picture posted of long queue out Dumb Starbucks
Global brand Starbucks Coffee has to be fuming mad or curious, at the very least, after a Los Angeles coffee shop named "Dumb Starbucks Coffee" opened last weekend.
The locals around the area were dumbfounded, but it did not stop some of them from queuing in for a dose of free "dumb coffee," served as a promo for opening day.
Everything found in the said establishment, including the logo, looks exactly like anything and everything that may be found in an authentic Starbucks shop, except that words and/or phrases of products and the like are affixed by the word "dumb."
Since Friday night, there has been an increasing buzz online with people looking up 'Dumb Starbucks.' It is not some online video, but rather a parody art shop selling coffee.
"Dumb Starbucks" located in Los Feliz, Los Angeles has attracted hundreds of customers and most of them are piqued by the 'Dumb' take on Starbucks.