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The Depository Manoeuvre would scare Marilyn Manson with its fetid crawl and Dumfounded At Regular Intervals splices and twists a political speech.
But he dumfounded Democrats, Republicans and even many of his own friends after blowing his formidable lead in the presidential polls with a series of self-inflicted gaffes and rookie mistakes.
Opening the box holding ISSC's MK22 and hefting the rifle for the first time, frankly, I was dumfounded how well ISSC had cloned the SCAR in .
The frontier between light and medium drones and radio-controlled aircraft has been very thin for a number of years now (walk into a specialised model aircraft shop and you'll be dumfounded by the capabilities the electronic controls now boast
With its thrust for "transparency international" didn't it give a shocking blow to governments, superpowers and even media celebrities indulging in crooked double dealing, to behave or look ridiculous and dumfounded, with their nakedness shamefully exposed before the whole world?
I WAS DUMFOUNDED BY THE STORY "Universal Uclick Takes the Reins," in your April 2011 issue.
Yet he has no visible source of income - leaving his many creditors dumfounded as to how he can maintain his lifestyle.
After Paris asked her staff member to phone Bentley in Crewe, where the vehicle was made, to ask if it would be possible to add diamonds to her dashboard, they were left dumfounded.
I was dumfounded and for once didn't have a quick comeback (other than saying, "Well, actually, I'm a terrorist, and now have to kill you," which probably wouldn't have gone over well with my chief pilot).
we were dumfounded that this fellow was using his riflescope to spot game.
I believe clinical experience alone is not enough to maintain professional standards in nursing, so I am dumfounded to hear that a nurse believes parenting could substitute as "professional development".