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Opening the box holding ISSC's MK22 and hefting the rifle for the first time, frankly, I was dumfounded how well ISSC had cloned the SCAR in .
The frontier between light and medium drones and radio-controlled aircraft has been very thin for a number of years now (walk into a specialised model aircraft shop and you'll be dumfounded by the capabilities the electronic controls now boast
The banking industry, which claims it stands to lose billions of dollars if the CFPA is enacted, is "really dumfounded by the scope of this agency," according to the President of the American Bankers Association.
Yet he has no visible source of income - leaving his many creditors dumfounded as to how he can maintain his lifestyle.
After Paris asked her staff member to phone Bentley in Crewe, where the vehicle was made, to ask if it would be possible to add diamonds to her dashboard, they were left dumfounded.
Lota was dumfounded at Belle G when she saw a photograph of Allen in the N.
I believe clinical experience alone is not enough to maintain professional standards in nursing, so I am dumfounded to hear that a nurse believes parenting could substitute as "professional development".
We are dumfounded at such a comment, and a mindset that apparently advocates cooperation with the United States on the basis of such patchy awareness.
He says: "The first time I went to Pelaw I was dumfounded at what I saw.
It was pulsating stuff from the men in red who were turning Fulham boss Chris Cole-man's face as white as his dumfounded players' shirts as his team seemingly possessed no answer to United's attacking prowess.
I found myself dumfounded that we had to be paying people for doing what they should be doing," says San Francisco health care consultant Lucy Johns of her initial reaction to pay-for-performance programs for doctors.
The 35-year-old Dutchman will expect more of that dumfounded reaction if he can help Rangers gatecrash their way through not only into the Champions League, but the knockout stages.