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WTO law empower countries to levy Anti-Dumping duties on dumped products in order to protect its local market.
The basic intent of the anti-dumping measures is to eliminate injury caused to the domestic industry by the unfair trade practices of dumping and to create a level playing field for the domestic industry vis-a-vis dumped goods by re-establishing a situation of open and fair competition in the domestic market.
There are about 33 dumps throughout Akkar where trash is dumped at random," Hamad said.
It can be concluded that the exports from the PRC are still being dumped and that there is a likelihood of continuation of dumping on the Union market in case the current anti-dumping measures are removed," Council's decision says.
Parpounas also expressed the hope that Limassol Municipality will follow Nicosia's example and restrict the type of waste dumped at Vati.
THIS is a fairly good example of a Victorian glass dump, so called because they were made from leftover green bottle glass that would otherwise have been dumped at the end of the day.
1 : to let fall in a heap <He dumped his clothes on the bed.
I was able to get him in to County-USC Medical Center for treatment when it was clear to me that he had been dumped on the streets.
Mike Moran, a PDD founder, wonders, "How can this be called a sanctuary when these majestic creatures are exposed to sewage and chemicals dumped upon them from these boats?
That's in addition to large amounts of toxic wastes generated and dumped by local industries every day.
Gasca says the city is urging the construction industry to do something similar to recycle worksite debris, which is often dumped illegally in ravines or forests.
Most operator manuals for dump trailers caution about making sure that the load is dumped on level ground because the extension of a long box into the air can be hazardous with even the smallest degree of tilt to the chassis.